Texas Home Buyers Plus is a unique platform wherein multiple professionals are working together for the common goal of helping to assist a perspective home buyers and give them the opportunity to buy a home in a pre-determined time period. (1-6 months)

Many Home Buyers miss out on the opportunity to buy a home because one or more mishaps or hardships that have occurred in their past.  Some of the events and choices that were made have negative outcomes, both to their credit and in many cases to their ongoing budget.  One of the best ways to overcome obstacles from the past and the ill reported circumstances and obstacles, is to work with the elite group of professionals that can help change the situation and overcome the obstacles.

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The Texas Home Buyers Plus (THBP) was developed by a team of the top professionals in the industry, in order to help home buyer’s, improve their circumstances  and to overcome these obstacles.  The (THBP) is different than many substandard programs because it involved a team of the highest qualified professionals working together for a common goal.  These professionals include:  attorneys and top tier legal team as well as, a network of credit repair and restoration professionals, licensed mortgage loan officers, and local real estate professionals.  This Elite group is all working together to provide the needed resources to help overcome many of the hurdles that have become obstacles standing in the way of homeownership.

How does the Texas Homebuyer Plus Program Work?

It starts with  you! We work with you to help change your life.

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First, we run your credit and see where you are now and what we need to do to get you where you need to be.   Upon review we determine what we can do and where we need to start in the process.

Those who can qualify right away we get with the local real estate professional in the area. Provide the needed information and help you get on your way to finding, negotiating, and purchasing a home.

You might need a little more help.  Upon review of your credit, employment, and circumstances we work to overcome the obstacles needed and get you in a position to purchase sooner.  This process is often called “Correction with a Forced Rescore”  It has some cost to it but can be included in the THBP program.  (Buyers that can qualify within 1-4 weeks).

Others  may need more assistance and might take longer to clear larger obstacles from credit.  Again upon review of your credit, employment and circumstances.  We work to overcome the obstacles needed to get you in a position to purchase within a reasonable time.  This process may include removing judgments, clearing liens, paying off debts, minimizing credit card limits, and overcoming consumer debt. This process takes longer and involves more professional care.  This may include Attorneys, credit restoration, and ongoing improvements.  The (THBP) program is designed to get a buyer to a point where they can purchase a home.  However, we strongly encourage the buyers that have additional obstacles to continue after home purchase and restore their credit completely.  This can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for years to come.  The (THBP) usually takes up to 4 months to get the needed corrections in order to make a home purchase.

What is the cost and how much do I have to pay?

Upon review of your credit, employment, and circumstances the (THBP) administrators will determine if you are a candidate for the program or if you need additional care that is outside the scope of the program.  If you are a legitimate candidate you will be invited to work with the team and start correcting the circumstances and overcome the issues that stand in your way of purchasing a home.

  • The initial cost of $99 that will be collected as a retainer for services.  That amount is refundable at closing from your (THBP) Broker/ Agent.
  • A Credit card or other form of payment will also be placed on hold for services rendered. In case the buyer decides not to continue with the program.
  • Upon having the proper credit and circumstances needed to purchase a home.  The Preferred agent will work with the Mortgage company to help the buyer find a house that meets their criteria and qualifications.
  • At the time of closing, the cost of the Attorney and Credit Repair will be paid from the Preferred Real Estate commission and will be found on the Closing Disclosure/ HUD1.  The cost is “up to”  $500 for every $100,000 of purchase.  Example:  buyer purchases a home for $250,000.00,  up to $1,250 will be paid from Buyers agent commissions for the buyer’s credit repair at the time of closing. (the average cost for the credit repair is normally between $750 and $1200)
  • Other costs:  Credit repair costs are the cost of working with the credit repair company are part of the (THBP).  Other costs that are typically not included may be items like paying down credit cards, paying off negotiated liens and judgments, paying debtors, or outstanding bills.  These would be considered costs to the buyer are not cost of doing business as to the credit repair company, real estate agent, or mortgage loan officer. Each circumstance is case by case. Every person has different circumstances and situations on their credit.  The Credit professional will work with the client to come up with the best way to handle the different circumstances.